Committees and Boards


I have served on a lot of committees in my time. I am now off most of them. Here are a few of the assignments I have had.

  • Chair, Administrative Board of Harvard College (the body that grants exceptions to college rules and
    responds to infractions of those rules)
  • Chair, Faculty Standing Committee on Athletic Sports
  • Chair, Faculty Standing Committee on Advising and Counseling
  • Chair, Committee on House Life
  • Chair, Committee on College Life
  • Faculty Standing Committee on Information Technology
  • Faculty Standing Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid in Harvard College
  • Faculty Standing Committee on Public Service
  • Academic Deans of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (the group that reviews all senior appointments to the Faculty)
  • Faculty Council of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (the steering committee for business of the Faculty)
  • Committee on Undergraduate Education
  • Educational Policy Committee
  • Standing Committee on the Core Curriculum
  • Harvard's Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA
  • Harvard's Representative on the Ivy League Policy Committee
  • Institutional representative to the Consortium on Financing Higher Education
  • Chair, Commission of Inquiry, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Acting Chair, Core Curriculum Subcommittee on Quantitative Reasoning
  • Co-Chair, Committee on the Structure of Harvard College (an Ad Hoc review committee during 1993--1994)}
  • Committee on Graduate Education
  • University Committee on Information Technology and Subcommittee on Intellectual Property (1996--1997)
  • Committee to review Harvard's relation to the American Repertory Theatre (1996--1997)
  • Board of Tutors in Applied Mathematics and in Computer Science (the governing boards of these undergraduate concentrations)
  • Numerous search committees, including those for the Director of Admissions (1983), the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid (1985), the Dean of Freshmen (1992), the Head Coach of Football (1994), the Director of Computer Services (1993), and the Director of Dining Services (1996)


Here are a few outside boards of which I am or have been a member.